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Reference Form: Step-by-Step Guide

**NOTE: If you are seeing a form that looks different from the one that is in this article, fear not! This means you are on our new referencing form and you need to follow this link here!**


This step-by-step guide will help you through each step in the referencing process and giving you some helpful tips along the way.



  1. Accessing the Reference Portal
  2. Entering Basic Details
  3. Address Lookup
  4. Identification
  5. Nationality and Country
  6. Credit Information
  7. National Insurance and Employment Status
  8. Future Employment and Other Income
  9. Bank Statements
  10. Additional Documents
  11. Signing the Declaration of Information
  12. Full video guide!

Step 1: Accessing the Reference Portal

To get started, check your email inbox for an email from your agency. The subject should be labelled, “Action Required: Submit references for…”. 

Click “Enter Your Reference Details” and Login into your account.



Step 2: Entering Basic Details

Once you have entered the portal you will see a pop-up message outlining the information you will need to have ready.

Click “OK” to close the pop-up.

The first section of the form is for your personal details. This includes your Name,

Full Name (To be displayed on your Contract) and Date of Birth.

Be sure to enter your date of birth in dd/mm/yyyy format!

All fields marked with the star (*) are mandatory.


Step 3: Address Lookup

Enter your Postcode into “Search by UK Postcode”, and select your address from the list of Properties that appears below.

Can't find your property? Don't worry, you can type your current address manually into the boxes provided.

Select the Country in which the address is based and select the status of the address under “Choose Status”.

Finally select the amount of time you have been at this address under “Time at this Address”

*Note you will need to input at least the last three years of addresses*


Step 4: Identification

To upload your ID, click “Browse” and select the file that is requested. Once done, click “Select ID Provided” and select the corresponding type of ID you have uploaded.

To find out more about what forms of Identification you can supply to comply with Right to Rent regulations, please check out the government's website


Step 5: Nationality and Country

Click “Select Nationality” and “Select Country of Origin” to select the right option for you.

If you are a non-EU Citizen, you will need to upload your Visa. Click “Browse” and select the document to upload.



Step 6: Credit Information

Click on the toggle(s) of the option(s) that apply to you then enter a brief summary of the details relating to your situation.


Step 7: National Insurance and Employment Status

Enter your National Insurance Number (if applicable) in the box provided.

To choose your Employment Status, click “Choose Status”.

If you are currently in employment, new boxes will emerge asking for details for your employment. Please fill in the required details. For more details on how to do this, check out this step-by-step guide!


Step 8: Future Employment and Other Income

If your current employment position or situation is about to change in the near future, switch the toggle to Yes.

Click “Choose Status” and fill in the relevant details.

If you have other income, enter the total annual amount under “Total Annual Income” and specify the details within the section labelled “Income Breakdown”.


Step 9: Bank Statements

To upload bank statements, click“Browse”and select the file from your device that you wish to upload.

Formats accepted are PDF, PNG, and JPG files. We cannot accept CSV or excel files. 

You can tell if your file has been successfully uploaded if there is a file name in the box next to the browse button. If the box is blank, there's no file there! 

To add other statements, click “Add Another Statement”.


Step 10: Additional Documents

If there are any additional documents you would like to provide, click “Add additional attachment” and upload any documents that you feel are necessary to support your application.


Step 11: Signing the Declaration of Information

To sign the Declaration, stating that all information provided is accurate to the best of your ability, either draw or type your signature into the signature box provided.

To switch between each method, click either “Draw it” or “Typed”.

Made a mistake? Don't worry, click “Clear" on the top right hand corner of the box to clear your signature.

Once you’re happy click "Submit" and you will see a confirmation message letting you know the process is complete!

If after submitting your reference form you need to update information provided/ upload additional documents, please do so by logging back into your Tenant Portal as demonstrated in our step-by-step guide.


Reference form Video Guide

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