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Error Uploading Reference Documents

An error code may arise because you have uploaded files which collectively exceed 150 megabytes. Alternatively, an error code may also arise due to the format of the documents uploaded.
The Goodlord platform only accepts jpg, jpeg, png and pdf formats. Consequently, the platform will recognise other formats as an error.
If the file you are uploading does not have the following suffixes, please upload a new file that does contain either:

  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .pdf

If you experience an error code when submitting documents, the following three actions are advised:

  • Check the size of the files does not exceed 150 megabytes.
  • Check that the file format is amongst the ones supported by the system.
  • In a instance where you are attempting to submit more than five files, submit five files through the referencing form. After that, log back into the Goodlord app using your login and password, and submit additional documents as shown in the article “How to submit additional documents”.

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