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Resubmitting Information/Documents through the Tenant Portal

This step-by-step guide will help you on your way through all details of the Tenant Portal. If you submitted your reference form on Goodlord, and would like to check the progress of your reference, or you need to submit additional/new information, this article will demonstrate how this can be done through the Tenant Portal.


Entering the Tenant Portal

To access the Tenant Portal after submitting your reference form, follow the link to the Goodlord app in the last email you received, and enter your login and password details.
These would have been set up as you signed up to Goodlord.
If you have forgotten your password, a new password can be requested through the “Lost your password?” button on the login page. For further instructions, please view our guide on
Resetting your Goodlord Password.

Once you enter your login and password, click “Login”.

The welcome page invites you to select the tenancy you would like to check.
Click on the address of the tenancy in order to access the Tenant Portal relevant to your current application.


Checking reference progress

At the top of this page, you can can view the progress of your references.
The “Reference Progress” section accurately reflects the progress of your reference checks as our Referencing Team collects relevant information and makes an assessment.
To check what has been been collected and what is still being chased, please refer to the check boxes under "Reference Progress".
f you see a tick next to the section, this means that the reference was collected.
If the square is empty (does not contain a tick), then our referencing team is still chasing that reference.


Submitting additional information or documents 

Under the "Reference Updates" section you can view sections of your reference form. These sections can be updated by you any time during the reference process.

If you would like to submit additional documents or replace documents submitted previously, find the relevant section in the form and upload the relevant document there.
To send the file to our referencing team,
click “Submit” at the end of the form.


If you want to update information such as your Landlord’s contact details, Employer’s contact details, or any other information submitted in the original reference form, this can also be done through the Tenant Portal form.

Find the relevant section and enter the new or updated details.
When you're ready, scroll down to the end of the form and
click “Submit” to forward the new information to our Referencing Team.

When your submission is successful, you should see the following confirmation on your screen.



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