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Welcome to Goodlord

Goodlord is a cloud-based platform trusted by hundreds of agencies across the UK. We are happy to welcome you to Goodlord, and hope you enjoy a renting experience automated for you and your Agency! The steps below provide a summary of the journey you should expect from the moment you start your renting process until the moment your tenancy agreement is finalised.


Step 1. Sign up

Welcome tenant! Once your Agent adds you as a tenant on the Goodlord platform, you will receive an email from Goodlord inviting you to sign up.
Your sign-up email also contains a Right to Rent guide
as an attachment, which you can download.
To start your tenancy process, you must follow the link within that first email to create your profile.


Step 2. Signing your Tenancy Guide and Paying your Initial Payment

Once you click on the link in your sign-up email, you will land on a page which invites you to sign-up to your tenancy via Goodlord.
Here you will be asked to create and confirm your password, read and sign the Tenancy Guide, and read the Terms and Conditions.
If your agency requires an upfront payment (e.g. holding deposit or referencing fees) you will also be asked to make an Initial Payment at this stage.
When you enter your card details, look out for a green tick which verifies your card details are correct. When you're happy to proceed, click “Submit” in order to make a requested payment and submit your signature. The payment is not made unless the “Submit” button is clicked.

Note: The above can vary depending on how your Letting Agency have set up the deal


Step 3. Referencing

Unless you are a renewing tenant, you will be asked to fill in a reference form.
When filling in the form, make sure you have access to the necessary documents. These could vary depending on your circumstances, but will include a form of ID (the list of acceptable IDs can be found in the Right to Rent guide), bank statements, payslips, etc.).
Please refer to our help centre to access step by step guides explaining how to submit the reference form.
After submitting your reference form, please ensure that your referees are ready to provide references to make sure information can be processed swiftly!
If your Agent requests a Guarantor for you, you will be asked to either supply Guarantor details together with your own references form, or through a separate email request.
If you need to supply any more additional documents or update contact details following your reference form, simply log back into your Goodlord account and supply documents securely through the Tenant Portal.
Note: The above can vary depending on how your Letting Agency have set up the deal


Step 4. Tenancy Agreement

Once your references have been completed and your agency has confirmed them, your Agent will send out a Tenancy Agreement for signing.
You will receive an email informing you that your references have been accepted. Click on the link within the email and login to your account using your email and password.
Once you access the page, you would be able to read your Tenancy Agreement, review and pay any move in monies requested by your Agency, and sign the contract.
Monies are not charged, and the Tenancy Agreement is not signed, until you click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.


Step 5. Move in Monies 

If your Agency requires you to make a payment of move in monies (this varies between agencies, but could include a deposit, rent payment, or any admin fees charged), this needs to be done on the same page that gives you access to your Tenancy Agreement and its signing.
You will be able to review the breakdown of move in monies set up by your Agency, and you can also select your preferred payment method.
If you would like to continue using the same card that was used when making the initial payment (if an initial payment was requested when you signed up to start your tenancy process using Goodlord), simply proceed to viewing and signing the contract.
If you would like to use a different card to make this payment, please select the relevant option of entering alternative card details.
If you prefer to do a bank transfer instead, this option is available to you as well. Simply click “Pay via Bank Transfer”, and proceed to viewing and signing your Tenancy Agreement. Our bank details as well as a mandatory reference number you are required to include in your payment, will be sent to you in an email following a successful submission of your signature.

Note: The above can vary depending on how your Letting Agency have set up the deal


Step 6. Finalised Agreement

After you have selected your preferred payment method and signed the tenancy agreement, Agreement will be finalised by either your Agent or your Landlord.
Once the Agreement is signed by all relevant parties, you will receive a finalised Tenancy Agreement in a final email from Goodlord.
This email might also contain instructions in regards to future rent payments. Those will need to be organised with your Landlord or Agency, depending on your individual tenancy and agreement.
This is where your Goodlord journey comes to an end, as all future rent, maintenance and tenancy requests from this point onward would be addressed directly with your Agency or Landlord (processes vary between Agencies).


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