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Signing your renewal contract

When your tenancy is being renewed, your agent will ask you to sign an updated tenancy agreement and possibly pay a renewal fee. 

You will receive an email from your agent asking you to log into your Goodlord account. Follow the link in the email and enter your login details. If you need help resetting your password, check out this article

To view and download the contract, click 'Download and review contract'.

Depending on the browser you are using, the contract will either open in the same page or in a new tab.

If the contract opens on the same page, you can close the document by clicking on the 'X' on the top right hand corner of the pop-up.

If the contract opens on a new tab, go back to the signing page by clicking on the original tab where you opened the contract. 

Enter your signature in the e-signing box. You can either draw or type your signature by clicking on the 'Draw' or 'Typed' tabs. 

Finally, click 'Submit'

If you are paying a renewal fee and need help, check out this article on how to make payments on Goodlord

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