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Tenant FAQs on Goodlord Broadband

FAQs on Goodlord Broadband

What is Goodlord Broadband?

Goodlord Broadband is a service to help you set-up your broadband and media for your tenancy whilst you are going through your tenancy application. This means you can set this all up before you move into your new property.


Who can set up Goodlord Broadband?

As the tenant you will be able to request that Goodlord set up broadband and media for your new tenancy.


When can I set up Goodlord Broadband?

Once you have completed referencing and before you move into your property we will contact you to see how preparations are going for your move in date.


Will I be paying my broadband bills to Goodlord?

No. Your broadband will be provided by an Internet Service Provider meaning all payments will be made to the relevant provider.


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