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When I log into my goodlord account it says that there is currently nothing to do, how can I provide additional details for my reference?

You are able to log into Goodlord at any stage during your tenancy application to see what you are required to do next. This means when you log in to goodlord during the referencing process you will be shown live updates of your referencing and have the ability to upload additional documents.

If you log in during the referencing process and see a message that there is 'currently nothing to do' this means that the system does not recognise that you have an active referencing application or that your connection is blocking your access.

What to do if you receive an error that there is ‘nothing to do’

  • Click here to see how a guide on how to correctly access your online account
  • Contact your agency to make sure you are being referenced by Goodlord. Some agencies will use external referencing companies.
  • Ensure the device you are using has a strong internet connection. For the best experience on Goodlord, we recommend you use Google Chrome.
  • If you are logging in using a business/work internet connection the internal security servers may block access to goodlord. Try again using a more public server such as your home wifi
  • There may be cookies or caches in your internet browser history blocking your access to your goodlord account. To get rid of these try logging in using a private browsing window
If none of these work, then please send us the information via email to



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