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I am receiving an error to read the documentation even though I already have, how can I submit my signature?

The below error message is likely to appear in the case you are trying to sign documentation on Goodlord through a smartphone or tablet device. It happens because when you open the documentation on one of these devices, the contact opens in a new tab. Unless this additional tab including the contract is deleted then the system cannot recognise that you have read the documentation.

How to proceed to submit your signature:

If you are using a smartphone/tablet

  • Open the signing email using a Google Chrome browser. If this is not possible, you can use the default browser on your phone/tablet, it just will be easier if you use a Google Chome browser.
  • Delete the additional tab on your device where the contract is open. To do this:
1. Click the icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
2. Click ‘x’ on the tab which shows the contract ​​
3. Return to the Goodlord screen to submit your signature

If you are using a computer

  • It is very rare that you will receive this error when using a computer.
  • If you, do open the signing email using a Google Chrome browser.​

If you have tried the above options and are still receiving the error message, please email with a screenshot of this. Make sure to include the property address you are looking to rent and the agency you are applying with


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