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What documents can I submit to pass my ID check?

To meet ID criteria, you will be required to provide ID documents that demonstrate the Right to Rent in the UK. This is determined by the Government's right to rent regulations, which legally need to be met in order to rent in the UK.

To pass the ID check, you will be required to submit either 1 document from List A (Group 1), 2 documents from List A (Group 2), or 1 document from List B. Both lists will be found on page 3 of the Right to Rent Document Checklist. A full list of the acceptable documents can be found by clicking here

If the name on the ID you have provided is not that of your application we require proof of name change.
The most common documents supplied:

List A (Group 1) - Only need to provide one type of ID
  • UK/EEA or Swiss Passport - This must show the full MRZ code at the bottom of the identification page. It is important that the document is fully visible so ensure that there is no glare on the MRZ code. Although an expiry date must be shown, we do accept an out of date passport as proof of ID
  • EEA or Swiss ID card - Upload the front and back of this document
  • A biometric residence permit with an unlimited right to stay
List A (Group 2) - You will need to submit 2 of the following options
  • UK Driving License -  This can be a full or provisional license
  • UK Birth/Adoption Certificate
  • Benefits Paperwork - Must be dated within the past three months of the check
  • Letter of Attestation from an employer, including the following:
  1. Dated within 3 months of the landlord check being carried out
  2. Signed (handwritten or printed) by a named employer
  3. Including the prospective tenant’s employee ID number or National Insurance Number
  4. Must include the company address
  • Letter of Attestation from a UK passport holder working in an acceptable profession, including the following:
  1. Dated within 3 months of the landlord check being carried out
  2. Signed (handwritten or printed) by a UK passport holder, working in an acceptable profession (See page 31 of the Right to Rent Document Checklist in the link below for a list of acceptable professions)
  3. Including the name, address, passport number, profession and place of work of the UK passport holder.
  4. A brief description of how they know and how long they have known the prospective tenant (must be longer than 3 months)​
You can view templates for letters of attestations on the online right to rent user guide.

List B -Only need to provide one type of ID. Must be valid on the proposed tenancy start date
  • Biometric Residence Permit with a time-limited right to rent - You must supply the front and back of the document. 
  • Visa with a time-limited right to rent.
If you do not have any of the above, please visit the right to rent guide for alternative options. 

Important to Note
  • If the name on your referencing application does not match the details on any of the ID documents you will be asked to provide proof of name change. This will be a marriage certificate, a divorce certificate or a change of name deed poll.
  • ​If the document you are providing is a biometric residence permit or an EU ID card then upload the front and the back of your documentation.
  • We cannot accept your council tax as proof of right to rent. We will only use this document as proof of address.

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