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How to sign your Declaration and submit your Reference Form

Signing the declaration is the final stage of the reference form process. In order for this to be successfully submitted you have to make sure that all the other sections of the form have been completed.
Please note, it is necessary for you to sign the declaration before the referencing process can begin because this is your legal consent for us to verify your references. Once this has been successfully signed then your referencing process will begin.

How to sign your declaration:

  • Ensure all other sections of the form have been completed. Each section at the top of the page should have a green tick next to it. If a section does not have a green tick, return to that page and make sure all required information has been filled in.
  • Read through the declaration statement.
  • Click in the box "Sign Here" and draw your signature using your mouse.
  • If you would prefer, click the "text" tab and use your keyboard to print your name.
  • Click "Submit Reference".

Important to Note:

  • You will receive an email confirmation once you have submitted your reference form. If you have any concerns that your referencing form was not successfully submitted, then please click here.
  • If for any reason, you have decided that you would like to pull out of your referencing application, then please contact your agency directly.


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