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How can I check that my Reference Form was successfully submitted?

Goodlord Referencing cannot start until you have submitted your online reference form. If we have not received this then our referencing team will not have an application open in your name.

How to confirm your references have been submitted:

  • Your screen will say "Good Job" and explain the next steps of your referencing process.
  • You will receive an email confirming successful submission. The subject of the email will be "Confirmation: References Submitted".

Important to Note:
  • If you have not successfully submitted your reference form you will need to try again. To access the form again, you will need to follow the email you originally received from your agency to submit your referencing details. For more information on how to access this, click here.
  • If you no longer have this email then you will need to contact your agency and they will re-send this to you.

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