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How long will my referencing take and how can I speed up my application?

Goodlord Referencing aims to complete your reference within 2-3 business. The process can often take longer because we are missing information from your application. You can log into your Goodlord account at any stage to check the progress of your reference and see what may be causing a delay. For information on how to do this, click here. Goodlord will also contact you daily to let you know what is outstanding on your referencing application.
The chart below shows you the Goodlord referencing timeline and the work our referencing team to do get your references completed:

The most common reasons your reference might be taking longer to complete are:

  • We have not received identification that meets the Government's right to rent criteria.
  • Your income or residential referee has not responded to our reference request.
  • There was a discrepancy between the information you submitted on your online reference form and the reference we have received from your income or residential referee.​
Why is your referencing still open even though you have submitted documents to prove your income/previous tenancy?
  • Goodlord always prioritises a reference from your referee over the documents you have uploaded. The reason for this is that we will be able to confirm more information from a reference that was supplied by your referee.
  • We will keep your reference open for 7 days and chase your referee daily to provide a reference. If your referee still has not replied by the end of those 7 days then we will close your reference using the documentation you have uploaded.
  • It is possible to close your reference early using the documentation you have uploaded but we need consent from your estate agency.

How to speed up your referencing application:

  • Contact your agency and request that your reference is closed using the documents you have provided. They will then need to contact Goodlord to request this.
  • Check the right to rent online user guide to make sure your ID meets Government criteria. You can access the guide here.
  • Contact your referee to make sure they have received our reference request. If they have not then we will call them on the third day of your application to chase the reference.
  • If there has been a discrepancy noted, make your referee aware. We need to speak to your referee directly to clear up the discrepancy so we will send them an email request automatically. Explain to them that they need to complete this again. Alternatively, they can contact us directly if they have any questions.​
  • Upload any documents that Goodlord request via your online account. Your documents will upload to your application automatically, which means our referencing team will be able to verify the documentation faster.


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