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I am trying to log into Goodlord but when I enter my details I get an error message saying 'Warning Login Failed, Incorrect Details!'

If you are a guarantor or a landlord who is receiving this error message be aware that you do not need log-in details. If you receive this error message it means the link you have been sent has expired so please contact your agency directly so they can send you a new email.

When logging in to Goodlord you must use the email address and password you originally created when you set-up your account. If the email address or password you enter when trying to log into Goodlord do not match those you set up initially then you will receive the below error message:

How to proceed if you receive this error message:

1. Check that your account was successfully set up:

  • Check to see if you have received further emails from Goodlord. If you have only received the email to "Get Started on your Tenancy" then your account has not been created.
  • If your account was not created then access the email to set up your account and try again
  • Contact your agency for confirmation that you have successfully created your login details

2. If your account has been successfully set up then try this instead:

  • Double check with your agency that the email address you are entering to log in is the same one they have set up for you on the platform
  • Reset your password by clicking "Lost your password?" on the login page. Click here for a guide on how to reset your password.


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