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I would like to change the details of the payment being charged through Goodlord, how can I change this?

Goodlord is the software your agency uses to process their payments. The agency will set up the payments you need to make for your tenancy application and then charge the funds through Goodlord. We then process these payments and send them onto your agency. They determine how much you need to pay, Goodlord does not have any involvement in the amount you are being charged.

How to change the amount of payment:

  • Get in touch with your agent and they can correct the fees​.
  • ​If you contact Goodlord correctly we will only be able to direct you back to your agency.

How to change who the payment is being charged to:

  • If you would like the payment to be charged to one applicant in full but the fees are being split between multiple applicants (or vice versa) then contact your agency to request this change.

Important to note:

  • Goodlord does not have the authority to change the funds you are being charged because they are determined by the agency.

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