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I would like to request a refund, does Goodlord carry this out?

Goodlord is a software company used by estate agents to help transact the renting process. They will request money through the Goodlord platform, we then process the money via our platform and sent back to those agencies once the funds have cleared. Therefore, we do not carry out refunds.

How to Request a Refund:

  • If you feel you are entitled to a refund you will need to contact your estate agents directly.
  • Each agency has their own policy regarding refunds. This means they will arrange for the refund to go ahead if they deem it applicable.

Important to Note:

  • Goodlord does not keep any of the funds transacted via our platform.
  • The initial payment (also known as the holding deposit) and the move in monies (the funds to pay when signing the tenancy) are charges set up by the agency. Goodlord does not request these payments, we only process them.
  • Every agency will have their own policy on whether or not a refund will be granted. Contact them directly to understand the agency’s policy.

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