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How can I make my move in monies payment using card?

You may be asked to pay your move in monies through Goodlord when signing your contract. The move in monies usually consists of your security deposit and first months rent but it can include additional charges set up by your agency. If you believe that this is incorrect then please contact your agency so they can change these.

It is important to note that you are only able to pay using a UK debit card. We are unable to accept payment from international or credit cards at the move in monies payment stage.

Please note that your agency may have disabled card payments. If you do not see this option available, please chose another payment method.

You will need:

  • A strong and stable internet connection. For the easiest submission use Google Chrome.
  • A smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Access to the email “Action Required: Sign Your Tenancy Agreement”.

How to make payment via card:

  • Access the email “Action Required: Sign Your Tenancy Agreement”. If you do not have this contact your agency to make sure they have sent you this email.
  • Click the button “View and Sign Tenancy Agreement”.
  • Log into your Goodlord Account.
  • Click “Enter cardholder’s Details”.  
  • Enter your name and billing address (this is the address your card is registered to) then click “Payment Info”. If you are using someone else’s card, enter this name and billing address.
  • On the next page, enter your card number (16 digit number on the front of your card), your card expiry date and the CCV (this is the 3 digit number on the back of your card).
  • Click “Submit”.
  • View your contract, draw/type your e-signature and press “submit”. For a guide on signing your tenancy agreement, click here.

You will receive a confirmation email to let you know that payment was successful.

Important to Note:

  • If you have not received a confirmation email, this means that payment was not successful.
  • Goodlord will only take payment once you have successfully signed the tenancy agreement.
  • You can only pay using a UK Debit card at this stage. We cannot accept credit cards or international cards due to card processing fees.
  • Full payment can only be made using one UK Debit card. You will not be able to pay using two different cards. Payments cannot be split via cards.

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